Monday, October 5, 2015

Okay first off sorry that the photos are super huge cause this computer isn't letting me put them on like normal lol. But this week was okay. We baptized a really nice lady who we found not to long ago. Shes really nice and is super pilas! This week i was on divisions one day in a different area and we were exploring a new part of their area that they received. We were walking and somehow we caught a drunks attention so he started following us, so me and the other Elder decided to walk off the main road into a bunch of Little walkways and the man still followed us and he was doing weird things to the people who were walking against us and so me and the Elder decided to take an even smaller walkway and we booked it running to the other end and hid, tan he came up to us again and started picking up mangoes to throw at us so we ran with him running behind us and crossed the main Street and hid cause he got stuck cause there were alot of cars passing the Street. So that's one of my funny stories of the week. But we were able to help´another hermana here come unto Christ and be baptized which was definitely the highlight of the week. Shes super awesome and she had come to church on Sundays on her own and everything. She was a lady who my comp found a few months ago but she went to work in the ocean for a while and we found her about 2 weeks ago and she had returned and so we taught her and she had marked up all the pamphlets with notes, had a paper with her questions and she found the answers in the book of Mormon and wrote a paragraph of answers for each question she had. This week President Collado and the APs are flying out here to Puerto Cabezas to work with us and to have a special divisions! where everyone has divisions with a different person in the zone! it'll be super fun and I'm looking forward to it! Hope you are all well. Everyday my testimony is growing and my love for the Lords work is ever growing! I know this church is true without a doubt, I'm thankful for the opportunity that we have to follow the example of Christ with the proper authority. I hope all of share your testimonies with someone new everyday and invite them to church!

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