Monday, June 15, 2015

Well this week was pretty good. We explored an area in our area that’s on the beach and found alot of super positive families. We were literally walking from pond to pond and nasty sludge pool to sludge pool but it was all good because I was "rocking" my rain boots all week. The first day of exploring it was pretty sketch, a guy followed us and that he started asking me for 10 cords and I told him I didn’t have any and then he was telling me how he needed money for food and I told him that I’d take him to someone’s house to ask for money and by this point was just praying so hard cause the area is known to be pretty rob prone, and that suddenly he told me its fine if I didn’t have money and told me to have a good day. I got very blessed because usually they just take stuff and I literally didn’t have money. Then I was on divisions for 3 days in a row which was pretty crazy honestly. We put baptismal dates with many people this week and found out that some of our old investigators returned from their jobs in the ocean and so this week were gonna help them be baptized soon! This weekend we had a baptism too. The hermana that we baptized has been receiving lessons from the missionaries for the past 2 years, and we had helped her get through alot of problems in life and she received the answer she had been waiting for and we had the opportunity to baptize her this week! :) also my comp and I have been trying to increase our investigators in the church and this Sunday the lord answered our prayers and we were able to bring 6 people. This week wouldn’t have been possible without the power of prayer. I have a very strong testimony on pray and its importance and power. I’m so very thankful for the opportunity that we have to communicate with our Heavenly Father! take care y’all!

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