Monday, October 5, 2015

September 21, 2015

Well not not much happened this week. We did have alot of super
spiritual lessons with investigators and we have a super sweet family
that wants to get baptized this week and all. But I've been healthy and
things are good. The days are going by faster and faster! and this
week ill finally be turning 19!! Its a missionary tradition to egg the
birthday person so this Thursday ill be on the lookout. Some of the
funny things that happened this week, is Elder Monson and I were
walking around out night and some bolo (drunk) walks up to us and
tries to shake our hands and we try to give him knuckles instead but
he wouldn't go for it so we shake his hand and he kisses our hands and
it was super awkward so we told him he should go home and rest haha,
then after we go do do some interviews for people and then these 2
neighborhoods start fighting and the streets get packed then something
scares them and they all disperse. Then later on in the week at night
we played an intense little game of Battleship with the lights off
using boxes to cover our boards and a flashlight in the box. So this
Sunday we were late to our services cause we had to bring a family to
church. So Monson and i had to go to a meeting later on in the
afternoon to take the sacrament. The church has a bus that takes
people to it so we get on the bus to go to it and the bus fills up
quickly so Monson and i end up having to walk the rest of the way so
everyone else can get there on time. So I'm walking and next thing i
know i fall into a barbed wire fence and get my shirt all cut up and
my arm and hand up a little but clean it off a little but i awkwardly
went to the meeting with a cut up shirt and bloody arm, but today its
not too bad. But the Lord works miracles! couldve been alot more
dangerous but everything under my undershirt was unscaved. But In my
mission I've learned a lot of things and had a lot of experiences that have
helped me learn things I otherwise wouldn't have learned if I was at
home. Ill try to take more pics this week! I hope y'all have a good
week and help other people daily. Choose the right! and next week is
changes!! but who knows the changes haha, only President & God

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