Monday, October 5, 2015

September 28, 2015

Well, I feel old now, My next birthday in a year i will have 16 days
left in my mission which is crazy. Tomorrow i hit 11 months! time sure
does fly in the service of the Lord. Well this week was very wet and
rainy, so it was another rain boots week! Something that has really been
funny this week is messing with other missionaries. My comp and i live
with our Zone Leaders and something that my comp and i always do is
when the zone leaders do divisions we all prank the "outsider" haha,
for example cutting off the power and playing some weird my
comp and i got some good laughs as we went about throughout the week
haha. But also we had some really awesome families that were teaching
that almost got baptized this week but they had some family members
come in from a community and by the time they weren't able to do it.
But I'm excited this week for General Conference!! therll be 3 new
apostles too which is insane. SO today there were changes again but I'm still
in my area! That'll make 5 changes her! but I love it so I'm not
complaining! I'm excited to keep working with Elder Monson and throwing
fire by helping people come unto Christ. Days seem like hours here,
and hours seem like seconds.I love the mission and I love how much my
testimony has been strengthened here. Make sure y'all watch conference!
It'll be great! Bring a friend to go so that they too can listen to a
prophet of God!

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