Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 25, 2016

Well today i hit my 9 months left mark.. I cannot believe that I only have 9 months left on this wonderful mission. I have learned and grown so much! Changes are next monday, Soooo, maybe ill have my 8th change in the area!! So this week we had a pretty cool couple prepared for baptism but on saturday morning the guy told us that he "just remembered" that he was married before to another woman haha, so this week were going to the government office to find out if the papers were ever put in. But other than that things are good. This week President came down for interviews and all went well, he got on me because ive got some weird rash on my face and had some expensive medicine rushed here from managua to take care of it. Things are pretty cool here though, literally. There has been so much wind its got me sick here with a drippy nose and heavy eyes from dust. Almost everyone is my area is walking around in sweaters and im like "its windy, but its still like 90 degrees what the heck " haha. But miracles are happening. Lives are being changed, and testimonies of all are growing. I love yall and hope yall have a spiritiually uplifting week! nos vemos en 9 meses! aisabe

Side note from Mom....Things may look rough for my boy, but he is loving what he is doing and the living conditions are worth the spiritual miracles that he sees every day! I am so proud of my boy and for his love and dedication for our Savior!

January 18, 2016
Well this week was another week full of coming home daily and just wanting to crash on the bed. Things are going good here. We've got some really cool people that we brought to church yesterday which was awesome! so this week were gonna try to help them to have baptismal dates here this week. Yesterday i was able to give a talk, which was good cause i just had a few bullets and i was really able to follow the spirit. i focused on repentance. and how repentance isn't just asking forgiveness. for example in John 8 it talks about the lady that was a fornicator and how she was brought to Christ and in the end of the discussion, Christ simply told her to Go, and sin no more. he never said she was forgiven, how could you be fully repented in a instant? how? if she had never had time to face the temptation again and overcome it? or if she was never able to go to the guys and ask forgiveness. Same with the robber on the Cross with Jesus? how could someone go and ask forgiveness and return the things that he had stolen if he was nailed on a cross? Repentance is a process that all of us need to start now because it lasts time.

January 11, 2016

This week my comp and i threw some fire out in the field. Today was a
good week and we were able to get a lot accomplished with our
investigators and also our members. We had 37 lessons with
investigators and 44 with our members. Brought 7 investigators to
church and had a great attendance of 111 people in church. This week
was super awesome cause i taught a really awesome couple that i had
baptized not to long ago about the temple and we put a goal with them
to go to the temple to get sealed for time and eternity. Probably one
of the most happiest and spiritual moments. Also started mission packet
for one of the recent converts!!! Wooooh I'm so excited to see what
happens in the next few months. going on 10 months in my area on
Wednesday!!!! but i love it and excited for more time. This week we
were able to help a lot of less actives and help them to reignite their
testimonies. Nothing better than seeing an ancient member, who hasn't
gone to church in alot of time,, finally come back to church. Love

January 4, 2016
Well this past week was a busy week.. We had our Christmas party on
Tuesday which was pretty fun. President Collado and a few other guests
drove down from Managua ( 1 1/2 day drive) and we had a decent party!
filled with food and activities. Then our dueno (landlord) told us
that we had to find a house now so the next day we were going all
around looking for a house but without success. So yeah that kinda
sucks. But this week we threw fire when we were actually in our area.
But yeah so we have this 1 one really awesome lady were teaching and
we brought her to church last Sunday and we passed by her later last
this week and she was crying because how strong she felt the spirit in
the church and for her need to repent change her life. It was a super
spiritual moment, moments that we `ray for everyone to have. As people
in this world, we all have things to repent from, but we really need
to act on repentance and not just think about it. humble ourselves and
change our lives. So we all know what we need to do this week. So lets
get to it!!! :)

December 28, 2015
Well how yall doing?? Merry Christmas to all! this week was pretty fun.
Everyone invited us to eat at their houses so i finally gained a
little weight. It was really good to skype the family this week, only
one more skype with the family and ill be home! tomorrow i hit 14
months and it doesn't feel like it at all. But the family is doing all
good. Life is great. This week we've been teaching some cool people who
are planning on being baptized and I'm excited to see where they go
this weekend. But tomorrow our mission president comes with his family
and a few other guests  and tomorrow we get to have our Christmas
party with him and also i get my Christmas boxes tomorrow finally.
Yesterday i named my second baby here in Nicaragua! My recent convert
finally had her baby and i gave her one of my sisters names! sweet
right? Now theirs another little Amanda that'll be running around in
Puerto Cabezas haha. But there'll be a lot of pictures posted next week
cause i think ill finally have a camera that works :D yall take care!

December 21, 2015

December 21
Well these past 2 weeks have been ups and downs. But things have
mainly been good. We've been finding a lot of new people in the area to
teach which is a little difficult for me cause I've been working in the
same area for the last 9ish months haha, everyone I've at least taught
like once or twice. But we found a cool little hidden area on the side
of a barrio where i don't like working because usually bad things
happen there ha ha. But we found some cool families and some super less
actives that had the priesthood and everything which we've started
working with them lately. this week we had a lot of success inviting
people to be baptized and we have alot of people who are preparing to
be baptized :D. We painted a lady's house too which was really cool. We
started doing doing an activity called noche de hermanamiento which is
like a weekly ward activity, and we had like 40 people come out which
was a good turnout! But things are the same, next week i hit 14 months
in the mission! But this week is Christmas as you all know! super
excited to skype the family!! and next week President Collado will be
coming down to have a Christmas party with us which will be pretty
fun! and I'm hoping they get my Christmas package in time to bring
down with them! this is going to be a fun week! Going around with a
semi purple thigh though that sucks, i was crossing a little stream
using 2 tree trunks that were by each other and my leg fell in between
all into the water and i flipped and twisted to save my backpack so it
didn't get soaked haha, but it was a funny experience! hope everyone is
having a great week! Take care! Merry Christmas from Puerto Cabezas!!