Monday, October 5, 2015

September 7, 2015

Well how are y'all doing???My week has been a little interesting. I got
really sick on Tuesday and ended up not being to work really. I felt
like i was dying and everyone else was saying that too, I was just
balled up on someones porch all day. I ended up having some throat
infection after the fact too but now i can say, I, Elder Baltimore, am
healthy again haha. But this week has been really fun. My comp and i
have made alot of good memories with the people here. They love us and
we love them. One of the cool things that we had happen to us was one
of my recent converts had her family come in from one of the
communities and then she wanted all of her brothers and sisters to be
baptized which was really cool so now we've been teaching them with
her. Also a hermana in the branch had a son turn 8 years old and he
wanted to get baptized and he chose me to baptize him which was a
pretty cool opportunity. Then in our house we all decided to do some
weird hair parting stuff and i decided to part mine down the middle
and it looked really odd. But now i wanna talk about the importance of
the families. As missionaries alot of times we go about looking for
lots of families to teach and through my mission I've really learned
why.Families a a grand gift from God, A sacred gift. Without the
family, who would we be really as individuals? As families we need to
have good relations, not only within the family, but with God, which
means praying daily as a family, reading as a family, passing time as
a family, and talking and working things out as a family. The family
is perfect place too to live the gospel, if we live the gospel as a
family, we will be happy as a family. Here on the Mission I've really
missed my family, but I've really learned the importance of them and
the role they play in my life. Heavenly Father has really blessed my
family, which is why I'm here, to help other families here in
Nicaragua, in Puerto Cabezas, realize what I've have learned in my
life, that God put us all into one unit of people to be happy and to
feel his spirit, he wants us to come back to him too in these units
and not only as individuals. He wants us to be eternal families.
Remember the importance of our families that we've been blessed with
and don't take it for granted! i love y'all!

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