Monday, October 5, 2015

August 10, 2015

Well This week started off a little bad for me. Right after i got done
emailing we went to the market to buy some things and then we took a
taxi to the house... and i had the phone in my pocket.... and
apparently it fell out during the ride :/ so i got pretty frustrated
in myself and now were basically phone less for a while. We got a new
phone but the lady from the phone company hasn't activated it which
kinda stinks. But this week President Collado came here to the beloved
Puerto Cabezas to visit and train us. He brought another senior couple
with them that were doctors and in charge of all central america and
they told us how nasty the world is in reality haha and all the germs.
And here in Puerto Cabezas many of the people here drink out of wells
but if you drink from wells you're almost guaranteed to have a
parasite. So he was just reminding us to drink purofoed water, don't
buy food off the streets and yeahhh :/ But president taught us many
good and better ways to teach Gods children here and the importance of
teaching by the spirit and following the spirits promptings! This
weekend were were able to baptize a little girl who is super legit and
already is a great member :) I love y'all and have a great week! do
good and help others do good! and remember, God First.

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