Monday, June 15, 2015

Well this week was pretty good. We explored an area in our area that’s on the beach and found alot of super positive families. We were literally walking from pond to pond and nasty sludge pool to sludge pool but it was all good because I was "rocking" my rain boots all week. The first day of exploring it was pretty sketch, a guy followed us and that he started asking me for 10 cords and I told him I didn’t have any and then he was telling me how he needed money for food and I told him that I’d take him to someone’s house to ask for money and by this point was just praying so hard cause the area is known to be pretty rob prone, and that suddenly he told me its fine if I didn’t have money and told me to have a good day. I got very blessed because usually they just take stuff and I literally didn’t have money. Then I was on divisions for 3 days in a row which was pretty crazy honestly. We put baptismal dates with many people this week and found out that some of our old investigators returned from their jobs in the ocean and so this week were gonna help them be baptized soon! This weekend we had a baptism too. The hermana that we baptized has been receiving lessons from the missionaries for the past 2 years, and we had helped her get through alot of problems in life and she received the answer she had been waiting for and we had the opportunity to baptize her this week! :) also my comp and I have been trying to increase our investigators in the church and this Sunday the lord answered our prayers and we were able to bring 6 people. This week wouldn’t have been possible without the power of prayer. I have a very strong testimony on pray and its importance and power. I’m so very thankful for the opportunity that we have to communicate with our Heavenly Father! take care y’all!

Man this week went by FAST. Well here in the good ole Puerto Cabezas it’s been raining a ton as we start the rain season, for the past 3 days I’ve had to bust out the long rain boots again haha. But this week our zone leaders went to Managua for a meeting and came back, without our mail...but thank goodness President sent it out to us by bus though, and I got my package from home finally! This week I got really sick though and everything hurt and I think I had a disease called chickengunya.. fever, bathroom, all that good stuff. so it was painful working but it was probably the best day I’ve had, working and feeling miserable honestly build a ton of character, going that step extra. but other than the sickness the week was good. Elder Cayax and I did some pretty good work and found some pretty awesome families to teach. Today we accidentally locked ourselves out in the rain so we went to the church and I played basketball in full missionary clothes and rainboots... very awkward playing in rainboots haha. I love y’all and hope things are going good! Keep on keeping on and never give up, when times get tough you gotta try even harder, like my good ole pops tells me, IT BUILDS CHARACTER, may not seem like it at the moment but it does, look for the good in every moment, and in everyone!

Hows everyone doing? Ive been doing okay this week. We found alot of new investigators this week and they're pretty coo. This week though one of the families I'm really close to here has been having alot of difficulties and its been super hard to see them down this week. These past few weeks I've really learned to love the people no matter what. I don't have much time this week cause i think the power is about to shut off but please find someone who is having difficulties in their life, and find anyway to help them, were all brothers and sisters here! i love y'all!
Well today was transfers! but I’m in my area still with my comp! were gonna throw fire this change! this week was pretty busy. The US military is here helping people receive medical attention and there’s a big navy ship and all too here. The church has a decent amount of volunteers with them too. So this week in the mornings I was translating for them and it felt so cool to do that! meet people from different countries volunteering too! it’s a Project called Continuing Hope. But this week was really good. time goes by here fast though :/ I’ll be hitting 7 months this week! but anyways this week we ended up seeing a few of our old investigators at the doctors and they told us they wanted us to start visiting them again so later in the week we did and we put baptismal dates with them! crazy how the Lord puts people back in your path when they’re really ready :) Also this week President Collado, his wife, and Elder Duncan came out to Puerto. Elder Duncan is the President of the area quorum of the 70. He gave us alot of advice with some of the struggles we have here and also he told us that we need to vision our branches as a stake in the next 10-20 years. I thought he was crazy but then I realized that with this vision and the mentality and help from the Lord, we can do it. I love y’all and have a good week!!!

Buenas dias! lo siento pero hoy es super loco...manana Elder Duncan va a venir solo para hablar con nosotros misioneros! so tomorrow is gonna be pretty cool. hes the president of the area 70 and part of the quourm of the 70. Hes flying here personally with his wife and President Collado and his wife to talk to us missionaries and then going to managua to talk with Both the North and the South missions i think. But yeah! this week was pretty cool. We contacted 62 families this week whis}ch was something my comp and i have been trying to increase drastically and we did it!! woot woot! We had another baptism this week too! my comp and i have baptized straight for the past 4 weeks and have been working our butts off to do it. Things are going good here in Puerto but we had a bad week last week and had a Zone meeting which really motivated us to give our all in the work and this wek has been awesome! But ive got to go cause i think the power will be going off again soon. I love yall and ill try to make more time to write next week. Keep doing the right things and loving everyone! one thing ive really learned here is the importance that we are all children of God, that we are all brothers and sisters and we need to love everyone. I love yall and challenge yall to find one persone at least every day and say something really nice to them! Stay safe and strong! MISSIONARY STRONG hahaha :)

This week was kinda pretty busy and we were fanless in our house, both the fans died and wouldn’t work for nothing :/ its super miserable especially here without a fan sleeping and all. I slept about only half the time as normal. So Thursday we had to go to the main chapel here so my comp could do a baptismal interview for hermanas in the district and we waited more than an hour for them and after the interview it was late and we had to head home. Then Saturday President Collado, his wife, and the sister training leaders flew out here to Puerto because president had interviews and so had interviews in the evening and then as we were leaving Hermana Collado stopped us and asked us to help her with something so we were like oh of course! Haha so we went with her to buy fans for all the missionaries who needed them, especially us. So we ended up spending the whole evening with Hermana Collado. But I was able to learn alot about her and she gained alot more respect! Whenever we got in a taxi she would contact them so awesome and wouldn’t be afraid to tell them things that they need to hear. But this Saturday I was able to skype for mother’s day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt good to talk to the family again and to see them! I’ve used up half of my skypes now in my misiĆ³n! Only have this Christmas and next mother’s day left! Family is doing all good which is awesome! Also this past Sunday I had another baptism! He’s pretty sweet! He mainly speaks Miskito and so we had to bring members to all the lessons to translate and all. But all is good here in Puerto Cabezas! Love it!

This week was pretty legit!! The beginning of the week went a Little slow but then it picked up as the week went on. I received mail finally too this past Thursday! Here we only get mail normally once a month when someone from the pacific flies here to visit and brings a suitcase filled with our mail! Then Friday it started to rain a Little and by Saturday we had to bust out the rain boots. We would go from appt to appt sprinting and unable to see especially at night. But it was cool! Was able to revisit childhood a Little and jump in some deep puddles! But by the end of Saturday night we were soaked and exhausted and a Little down cause all of our investigators with a baptismal date had fallen on us. So we go to one of our investigators house to have a little visit with her. She said she was going through some really hard times and had to leave to a community in the morning ( Here in Puerto there’s alot of Little communities that alot of people live in but are in no man’s land and the church isn’t established yet out there). We talked about the plan of salvation a Little and by the end of the lesson she told us that before she leaves she wants to be baptized. It was a miracle that my companion and I had been praying for and fasting for alot. It’s amazing how the Lord can bring us up at all moments and perform amazing miracles. I love my Heavenly Father and all that he does for us. I love our Savior Jesus Christ and all that he did for us.

What’s up y’all?!?! Life here is great! We found some awesome people this week! We had a lot of baptisms planned for this week, 6 people, but unfortunately, one big family had to go to a community for a while and they won’t be back till tomorrow so we had to move there baptismal date to this Saturday instead. And also another family who we had to push back instead, it was pretty sad to go around that morning and find out that all our dates had fallen. But we did have a great baptism this past Saturday. He’s a really cool guy who’s changed his life around. On Thursday we went to another elder’s area to help them find more investigators, and we found some awesome positive people and are hoping that they will be willing to be baptized someday with the other elders! This week we're praying hard for miracles to happen that all of our possibilities will be able to baptized. The work is ready here but you gotta work super hard at it. And we’ve gotta work even harder than that. But already here I’ve seen many miracles. And I know that through our faith and we can continue to see many miracles from God. Also in my branch here my comp and I teach gospel doctrine and also priesthood! And y’all might be surprised but I can teach 2 hours straight in Spanish haha. The lord really does work miracles :) love y’all and take care this week!!!!!