Monday, October 5, 2015

July 27, 2015
Man the months are flying by more rapidly. But this week I've got a little time to write, AND I've got pictures!!!!! So This week was really fun, my comp and i worked our butts off. Last week we didn't do to good for various reasons, but this week we repented and worked hard hard hard and became the 15th highest companionship in the mission! Last week my comp and i had some problems with drugged up guys that got pretty dangerous, but this week we were able to go around without any problems! We talked to alot of families and invited them to be baptized so were seeing a good month of August coming up. One of the families is super cool. The lady knows the church is true, wants to get baptized, we started teaching the husband too and cleared up all his doubts and he had some really inspired questions. They just had a baby too this past sunday too. But this sunday we had alot of people come to church, 67. which is alot here for my branch, were working super hard with the less actives to help them come back to church and this Sunday i was able to see many which i had been praying supper hard for. Also my comp hit his one year mark so we had a little party at a members house and we egged him alot cause it was also by his birthday which was pretty funny. So today our lunch cita made us letras de tortuga. ( seaturtle fins and tail) and it was pretty good, inow have had turtle and probably every type of fish, lobster and shrimp now, and for any of y'all that know me good, that's a miracle haha. But the turtle has already put me in the bathroom a few times :/ But i love all of yall! keep doing good things and helping others. This week I've really been studying the importance of doing the things that you know are true. When we know the commandments and what we need to do, we need to follow them, cause if we knowingly break commandments, and put God in 2nd place, there is alot of consequences... But if we keep the commandments and put God first, there'll be many blessings. I challenge each of y'all to find one thing that your not fulfilling 100% and fix it. I know and testify that it will bless you. Always keep the commandments and you'll be happy. If were not happy, were not keeping the commandments. Take care this week and i hope to hear from y'all next week! Mosiah 2! Read it, love it!

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