Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pues, this weekend was awesome!! I loved conference. And I was able to watch it in English and loved it even more, well the first session I watched in Spanish but it just wasn’t the same. I loved having the chance to watch all 5 sessions too! I learned more than I thought. I hope y’all were able to see it too! I loved all of the talks. Especially Elder Bednar’s talk during Priesthood session about losing fear and the 3 steps. Not much happened this week, just working hard to find people to bring to Conference! This is my last week in this transfer too! So by this time next week I might be in another zone or something! Or still here with 5 months and counting in this area lol, I love this area though and the people so it doesn’t matter. It was weird having Aprils fool’s day and not doing any pranks here. I guess it’s just something in the states to get some steam out on people haha. But this week was hard to find people t teach. This week here is called Semana Santa where everyone goes to the beach, but there isn’t one in Managua so the streets were so bare and we would have to wait 30 minutes at least for a bus to pass by the bus stops. But we did find a cool family and hopefully things keep going good with them! But I hope y’all stay safe this week! And pull a prank for me please haha! I love y’all! Yo se que este evangelio es verdadero, que esta es la única iglesia verdadera en la tierra. Yo se que Presidente Thomas S. Monson es una Profeta llamado por Dios para dirigirnos y guiarnos en estas días. Yo se que con esta evangelio podemos vivir como familias para siempre, en una vida de felicidades sin fin. Estoy agradecido por esta oportunidad a servir el señor en Nicaragua, y servir la gente aquí, y ayudarles a venir mas cerca a nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial y a nuestro Salvador. I love y’all, Take care!

Man I really can’t believe it’s been 5 months! (Even though I know that’s not alot of time haha). This month was pretty good! This past Wednesday we were able to baptize one of our investigators that Elder Lesueur and I found! It’s a funny story how we found her too. We were walking in the street one night and she was singing a song in English and we finished it but kept walking past her street. Then we felt like we should go back and talk to her. So we did and found out she speaks English, so we set up a cita with her and began teaching her and now she’s been baptized. It’s random how God puts people in our paths at times. Then later on in the week I was on divisions in a city called Ciuidad Jardin and we’ve had a goal to invite everyone to baptism. That day, the elder of Ciuidad Jardin and I placed 4 fechas (baptismal dates) and committed a family to baptism. We had a teenager who was running up to us and he said that he had been searching all over for us because he wants to come to church and wants to learn more. The field really is white and ready to harvest. Today we had a cool Zone activity for P-day and we had some neat relays!

But I wanna bear my testimony on how much happiness this gospel can bring into lives. I’ve seen it happy many times here already. Not just in the lives of the people here, but also in mine, when I’m focused on the gospel I’ve felt so much better. I know that this church is true and it’s the only true church on the earth. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God. And I can’t wait to hear what he has to say this weekend in General Conference! I love y’all! Take care and be safe!

Today I received my Cedula, which is the ID card for Central America! It looks cool but it got messed up haha, there was a little piece of paper on my picture when they laminated it unfortunately, but it’s still great to finally have it aha. This past Thursday we had a meeting with the presiding Bishop of the Church (Bishop Davies), and one of the counselors in the Central American area authority. It was really neat to hear what they had to saw and listen to their counsel. It was really nice to see my mission friends there too! Also the South mission was there too which was cool, so all the missionaries in Nicaragua, minus those who are in Puerto Cabeza (cause their have to take a plane to get to the meeting) and I guess there wasn’t a bunch but still like 400 missionaries or something. And all the authorities spoke in Spanish which was cool to hear. The South Mission President´s parents were the Mission Presidents of Bishop Davies which was even cooler. We all left the meeting motivated to work hard. We have a baptism date for a hermana this Wednesday but I’m not sure if it’ll happen 100% but were praying super hard for her. Also there’s an investigator who prefers to speak English with her so yesterday I was on divisions with one of my ZLs and we pretty much taught her in English which was cool! Super different though. But she’s super positive, we taught her about el libro de Mormon and she said she feels it’s true but that’s about it. I gotta go! Love y’all! Sorry but the computer doesn’t accept my memory today :/ but I’ve got good pics for next week! Take care!!
Well! It’s slowly getting hotter and hotter, but I’m also getting more used to it I guess. I’ve learned to always carry around a little sweat rag in my back pocket. But this week we found a really cool family but unfortunately they didn’t go to church with us this Sunday. We had a multizone meeting this past week which was cool; our President is an awesome teacher and always motivating us to keep up strong in the Lords work. This week we have a meeting with the Presiding Bishopric here in Managua. Both we (the North Mission) and the South mission will be there, so allll the missionaries in Nicaragua will be in my chapel this Sunday, alot of people haha. I’ll be able to see my mission father too! I miss Elder Lesueur! He’s freakin awesome! But other than that nothing too too interesting has happened this week. Yesterday was the bishop’s birthday and my comp and I had a member paint a super awesome picture of my comp and I and she matted in a pic of our bishop haha. Super funny, she added a pig and horse too and it looks awesome. But I hope I have more stories to tell next week! I love the missionary life, at times though you get homesick and all, but you just have to look at you shirt and read that plaque and look at who you’re representing, Jesucristo, and remember the greatness of the call to be a missionary, bringing people unto repentance and helping them have the opportunity to feel so great of a feeling they’ve never felt before.

Well it’s a big shocker this week being with my first Latino comp and only being able to speak Spanish. I can still communicate really well with him, but it’s like a mountain of things that I wasn't to say and express, but I can’t in Spanish lol. But my Spanish has gotten better and better every day. We have been contacting alot of people and looking for new investigators. Our area is huge though so this week my comp has been focusing on learning my area and vie been learning his part. Thank goodness there’s buses her though haha. But anyways we found some really positive families and brought them to church too. We had 5 in the church and are looking at putting baptismal dates with them this week too. I’ve been focusing alot more on reading the Book of Mormon this week and vie just felt alot better. I testify that the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he translated the Book of Mormon. I know this Church is true. I love you all and hope to hear from y’all next Monday when I check email! Take care, be safe :)

Just kidding, I’m still in my area in a way haha. There were a lot of missionaries finishing their mission this change, than new missionaries coming in, which means that a lot of areas were either closed, or combined. In My case, I was combined haha, I now have a super large area and it’s just me and an elder named Elder Choc from Guatemala, he’s pretty cool though and only has a couple months left in his mission. Elder Lesueur went to a zone in the mountains called Estile which I’ve heard is really nice, and the weather is super chill there which is perfect cause the Hot Season in Nicaragua is starting up this month. But I’m kinda nervous about the area cause its size and how were gonna miss out on a lot of parts of it. But on another note this past week was good. We were able to have a lot of lessons with members. Other than that nothing too much happened. I got a package from home which is always great and it had pictures too! I hope y'all have had a good week! I’ll have more to say next week!

We have transfers next week and my comp and I don't know what’ll happen. He’s been here 3 changes, me 2 but I’m finishing training and they usually transfer us after training. I'm hoping though that I get transferred though, I wanna see more of Nicaragua haha. There are a lot of people leaving home next week and a lot were in leadership positions so I’m thinking my comp will leave to fill in a position and I’ll stay in my area though. But who knows! This week however though was pretty good. We were having a lesson with a super positive investigator and in the middle of it he was like, hey I’m not doing anything right now take me to be baptized, and we told him we can’t rush it that quickly unfortunately haha... So we baptized him the next morning!! We are hoping to have 5 this week, 4 in one family and a lady. But the family of 4 has to have the parents married so hopefully things get taken care of. Other than that nothing out of the ordinary happened. This past Wednesday was a big catholic holiday here and there were people driving all over crazy like and we got in a little ¨bus accident¨ we were really being watched over that night. My comp and I were standing in the aisle and the bus was going through an intersection and a pickup almost hit head on to the bus but the bus slammed the brakes last minute and we went flying lol. But we got off the bus to hop on another and we looked at how close the accident was and the 2 vehicles were about an inch apart. But Heavenly Father has a special eye on us missionaries. My scripture that I wanna share this week is 1 Nephi 17:13 "And I will also be your light in the wilderness: and I will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments; wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led¨ If we follow the commandments and have faith, We will be led in times that we are ¨lost¨. I love y'all and I’ll talk next week!!

Well unfortunately we didn't have a baptism this past week. But the family we had planned on baptizing we changed their date to this Saturday. We also have a really awesome guy planned for this coming Sunday. we taught him part of a lesson and gave him the restoration pamphlet and we went back this past week and asked him if he read it and he said he read alll of it, prayed and received an answer that this church was true. He went to church with us along with another family and he was answering questions in classes and all which was pretty neat to see his desire. This week was pretty good though. We received a plan from the Area 70 presidency and part of the plan for us missionaries is to go to families and ask them for names of 10 families that they know of, pray over the list of people name by name, and then come back later and make a plan with them to visit the families. this plan has worked pretty good so far. We found a family that's gone to church 4 times but have never been taught by missionaries, praying and having the faith that they'll come to church with is this coming Sunday! but work is always good here. There's alot of really cool people finishing their missions this change, which ends march 2nd.. like my current Zone Leader, Elder Zorilla! hes the best, hes from Argentina! and theres 6 other Zone Leaders leaving and alot more. We had a meeting this past week with the President and he said that 10-15 of us missionaries that are finishing training, will receive ¨Kids¨ which are new new missionaries and we have to train the... so who knows what will happen this next change! But anyways i was going through some scriptures for lessons and I found Enos1:9. sorry but you'll have to translate it... it says ¨Ahora bien, sucedió que cuando hube oído estas palabras, empecé a anhelar el bienestar de mis hermanos los nefitas; por tanto, derramé toda mí alma a Dios por ellos¨ Well here's a rough translation but its saying that When Enos heard the words of God, he wanted everyone to hear them too. Sharing this gospel is necessary for the kingdom of God on the Earth to grow. We contact alot of people here and honestly some are interested but alot of times too others aren't. I promise though and testify that if we share the gospel in whenever we have the chance, we will find an ¨escogido¨ a chosen, who will know that this message is true. I love all of y'all and hope your week is good! Tenga la fe!!!