Monday, October 5, 2015

August 3, 2015

Whats up?? This week my comp and i worked our butts off harder than ever. We talked to everyone we could. Used every second of every day to do our Lords will. And it felt amazing. Our President has somethings called a Seperadora de trabajo that is pretty much a super high standard that you have to make, and my comp and i finally made it. We found 4 new reallllly awesome families to teach and who are all working to be baptized. we contacted 74 families so we really were talking to every house and every family. It felt straight up amazing though. I felt the spirit so strong teaching these families and i know the Lord has blessed my area with many of his children who are ready to come unto him. This week has been very spiritually uplifting. I Lord our Lord, I Love this Gospel, I Love my family back home, My Miskito family here, my friends. We all need to get a little more lost in the Lords work. Yes salvation is individual, but who would we be if we don't help others fight for their salvation too.

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