Monday, October 5, 2015

August 24, 2015

Well! this week i hit 10 months! This past week was really fun though,
My new comp Elder Monson, and I did alot of cool things and helped
alot of people. We had a family that we had planned to get baptized
last Saturday and the wife is very pregnant and the husband was working
in the ocean, and we got worried that they weren't going to be able to
be baptized, But the husband was finally able to come back early and
his brother came too, so we were able to help the 2 brothers get
married with their wives and get baptized, They're so legit and are
already super legit members getting involved in classes and
everything. But like i said this week we did alot of good here in our
area. We have multiple people planned to be baptized for the next 5
weeks and its so amazing to realize how much they're learning and
changing to being converted and coming unto Christ. My comp and i are
really getting along well and the people love us. In my Branch that I'm
in, our assistance is slowly increasing but the last month it has
drastically increased. This Sunday, we FINALLY broke 100 people, and
had 110.But man I love my area, and i love all the people in it. The
people here in Puerto Cabezas are so ready to hear the gospel and take
action on it. Theres gonna be some surprising news next week!!! so
stay tuned! I love you all and take care! Help the missionaries share
the gospel, go with them, and testify, and God will bless you. Alot of
times, the little things that we do, actually matter, the little things
sometimes, change lives, families, and generations to come.

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