Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 22, 2016

Bueno pues! This week has been filled with sicknesses in the zone.. I have had a bad cough and killer lungs for a while (for many months). I have to go to the hospital in Managua tomorrow at 3 am to see what weird disease Nicaragua gave me haha. Other than that, this week was really good, we did divisions with members quite a bit and were able to get much work done. We have set up 2 people to baptized this weekend! My time here in country is running out though! There is so much more work to be done!  Keep being faithful, there will be many trials in life.. but if everything was easy.. it wouldn't be worth! I love y'all!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 15, 2016

So this week was a little crazy! Not much happened and our baptisms sadly fell through because we couldn't find them :/ So crazy thing this week.. my companion and I worked divisions with my son and grandson in the mission (elder Santizo and Elder Mitton) and I went with Elder Mitton, We get an emergency call from my companion and hes saying that Elder Santizo ate fish and had a super bad allergic reaction and stopped breathing and passed out and so me and Elder Mitton threw our stuff together and caught the first taxi that would take us to the hospital.. and we get there and my companion were standing outside saying that they wouldn't let him in. We had to call all the leaders and explain what was going on and then after an hour and a half waiting outside I remembered that I was the only one that had a Nica ID card and so I ran up to the gate to the hospital and they let me in and so I got to be at my sons bedside as he was getting better. It was super scary. But knew everything would be alright. I prayed and knew that our Heavenly Father would make him heal. Today he's completely normal. God saved his life... 
This week since I am always finding odd ways of service, we were able to help with the demolishing of a house. It was so much fun!
I love my heavenly father for saving my only mission sons testimony is strong of the Gospel. I love the Gospel and I love my Heavenly Father!  sorry but times run out!

August 8, 2016

Another Great week! It was sad not working in my old area, but I did get to go visit in it for a day on divisions! So this week I had my first consejo de lideres in managua and I got to see a lot of my missionary friends and talk to them for a few. This week I had to do a few divisions and I stayed in my new area. Over the weekend we were able to baptize this awesome kid named Gustavo and it was a really cool experience because my grandson in the mission was able to baptize him! I was such a neat experience to see the first baptism of my grandson! :D this is gonna be a great week because we've got some cool people to baptize :)
from Mom (10 weeks left on his mission..... Elder Baltimore is not counting but I am!)

August 1, 2016

Well this week was great! I had my last news meeting with my son Elder Santizo and today he has finished his training!!! The surprising new..HES GOING TO HAVE A SON TOMORROW and he's a DL!!! I'M A GRANDPA!!! and because of I had changes though! Good news though is that I literally changed to the other side of Ocotal haha, I became a ZL too so this will be a neat experience! Also today I start my last 12 weeks here in Nicaragua... :/ One elder from the zone, Elder Hirschi, finished the mission today. He'll be missed here! So this Wednesday I had a little operation haha, I had these weird lumps on my face and I had to go to the clinic and they gave me shots and it was super painful! I walked around for 2 days with big lumps from the shots and swollen. The good news is that they're all gone!! Things are great here, this weekend we got to visit a little pueblo called Jicaro to take out some papers for a marriage! We were able to marry a couple super cool and then yesterday we were able to baptize the wife after church! We ask her if she wanted to get baptized yesterday or within the week, and she was like, lets go to the river! I am ready to get wet! ...after 4 months working with her, I was finally able to see the baptisms, my last convert in the area! Miracles exist if were obedient!! 3 nephi 8:1

July 25, 2016
Well this was a great week! We had interviews with our new mission president and it was a really great interview! We bonded a lot and he even went out and with me and my companion! It was super cool to be able to work with him! Today we went to climb a mountain and it was super cool. It was called the 3 seƱoritas. I do not have much time to write though because it's late! Tomorrow I have to get up at 230 in the morning to catch the bus to go to Managua for a meeting! Saturday we had a service project with a sister to go into the mountains and cut wood and carry it all the way back to her house. It was a painful journey, carrying about 60-70 lbs of wood like 5 miles back to her house on my shoulders, My shoulders are still red and purple and killing me but it was fun. (I do enjoy hard work) and I would definitely do it again! This past Sunday I was able to call my 1st counselor in the branch presidency to help out the branch!! We've had a lot of miracles happening though. I know this church is true!!! I know that God works miracles every day. I have seen these miracles and how it has brought people closer together. I love y'all and I'll talk next week! Sorry for a short message but everything is okay!

July 18. 2016

So this week has been awesome!! So it all started off like this.... we've got an investigator that we have been working with forever and she is super cool, I have baptized her children but she hasn't been able to be baptized because she lives with her husband but they're not married because he hasn't wanted to.. but this week we gained some confidence with the husband and we had a really deep conversation him and he was saying that he wants to get married with her now so that she can get baptized. Its been so frustrating because this lady is so awesome! She always goes to church and she even leaves and goes teaching with us and things like that. Now I might actually be able to see her baptism! So we get the process going on what they need to do to get married. We thought she didn't have an ID card so we got a little dismayed and prayed a lot that God would open up a way for her to be able to get married so she could be baptized, and so we go back the next day and found her ID card!! Super miracle because it takes 2 weeks to get an id card and changes are in 2 weeks.... So this week were going to do all possible and see if things go through! I got a call from the senior missionaries saying that they were headed up to Ocotal to drop of a package for me!!! I got a package from my Mom with Ping Pong equipment!! I was so excited to get this because now I can play! We have been having little ping pong tournaments in our house during free time haha. Today we went and explored a new waterfall that we heard of! We got super lost and almost headed back to Ocotal, but we finally found it last minute! Sad news of the week though.. I got my flight itinerary for going home.. I was in the branch´s office doing some paperwork and in came the email and I got super sad. The branch president and I had a good talk about it but I still did not feel much better. I have come to love the people here so much! I know that Jesus lives and God loves us. I know if we focus on the miracles that God gives of daily.. we will all be a little more grateful for our blessings! Love yall!!

July 11, 2016

This was another week that it was difficult to write due to time constraints on the computer.

(from Mom...) Elder Baltimore has been working hard in the field. He has never once complained of the elements that have been placed before him. He is doing such a wonderful job for our Lord. He loves the people of Nicaragua and the areas that he has been able to serve. Today he received an email asking for the airport that he will be returning to when his mission is complete. I asked him how he felt about returning home, and even though he loves and misses us, he enjoys his mission so much that it will be difficult for him to return. He loves the people there and the challenges of daily life. Elder Baltimore has passion for what he does and compassion for the people there. I love this young man of mine! In the pictures he sent, he was able to help a family in their kitchen cooking dinner. The rest of the pictures are of the crazy personality of my son. He is always finding ways to make people laugh.