Sunday, January 25, 2015

I’m an 8th of the way back! But I’m hoping that the time slows down some cause every day is better! I did however have some bad days this week, fever over 100, sick and I woke up in the night shaking like a person in a freezer would. But the mission nurse is awesome and got me back to health with lotss of Tylenol! But this week was exhausting to me cause I was sick, but there’s always work to be done. We still have that super positive family who will hopefully be getting baptized next week! Not many interesting things happened this week. There’s a circus that was put up in our area that is pretty cool. We had transfers this week, 13 in my zone so everyone got changed... except my comp and I! We’re the only white companionship in the zone, Chele Power jaja. But yeah! I’ll have better things next week! I wish all of yall could experience Nicaragua!

Just forgot, last year, 2014, this mission had 2014 baptisms, awesome right? Seeing people come unto Christ literally best thing every. Oh if you know any good music download it and email it me! Please, take care!

Well this week, we found some Escogidos. We were teaching a lady who doesn’t seem too positive now, and a lady and her daughter (the lady was the investigators cousin) and we invite them to come into the lesson and we talked mainly about how this church is the only church that has the authority to act in the name of Jesus Christ to perform ordinances and she really enjoyed it and the spirit was felt so much. We told them to pray about the church to know if it’s true and they said they did the next day and they said they felt a warm comforting spirit which we explained was the Holy Ghost. We started to talk to the lady more and more and we invited them to church. (Our church is different now and starts at 8, but sacrament starts at 10) and we invite her only to sacrament meeting. and me and my comp this past Sunday were waiting for her at 1025 still in the lobby outside of the sacrament room and I was starting to get worried that they couldn’t come and so I say a prayer and had a great feeling of comfort and a minute or 2 later we see them walking up the street and man was I happy to see them keeping their commitment by coming to church, from our mission leaders here we’ve learned that if the investigator comes to church and keeps the commitment, then they’re truly progressing and knowing that the church is true. So after sacrament meeting we take them on a tour of the church and they said they were gonna keep coming, and hopefully this week my comp and I are going to put a baptismal date with them if we are prompted. Also today we had a special pday with 2 other zones and the President! We went to a volcano and a cave in Meseya! It was in the South Mission so it was pretty cool to do a little traveling; it was really awesome there though! The volcano was pretty big but came from Florida so really anything that’s coming up from the ground has the potential to be a ¨mountain¨ haha. I wish I could send pictures but my computer is being dumb. So next week be prepared for some awesome pictures!! But other than that nothing much happened, same old contacting and teaching every day! Spanish is better too! Love yall!
Well this week we had the hermana that we just baptized a couple weeks ago, walk around the city with us and she gave us a ton of positive references. And other members have gotten involved in missionary work here. So we hit up one of the contacts and they were catholic but realized that the church wasn’t the right one for them so they wanted to talk to us. We taught them the restoration and it was a really spiritual lesson. I’m starting to teach a little more in the lessons too, I can pretty much understand 80% but the speak a lot differently and it’s still kinda hard to comprehend much and they don’t pronounce a lot of letters but I’m getting adjusted with it and it feels awesome teaching. Everyone on the street goes “aye cheles” cause me and my comp are both white and they look stunned when we talk back to them in Spanish. The only words they know are really bad words so we teach them good words haha. It’s pretty funny though and the kids love us. So on new year’s here a ton of people get drunk and they non drunks make stuffed ¨bolos¨ (drunks) and hang the from power lines to mock them which is pretty funny and then they burn them at midnight. Everyone in the streets that night was telling us to go home in a nice way cause its really dangerous for white people that night I guess. But today I was able to go with my comp to a huge market where they sell pretty much everything and it was awesome cause I was finally able to buy a Nicaraguan bag and a Shirt!! I love the Nicaraguans. I know I was truly called here by a prophet of God. I feel so much love for these people it’s crazy. Teaching them and bringing them unto Christ is a great privilege and honor. This Gospel is true and I know without a doubt. I challenge everyone to bring a friend to church this week and if you’re not a member, come to church! Love yall! :P

Well the weeks just get better and better here!! Not many people are home though during Christmas, they’re all either at the Beach or drunk trying to ask us to teach them about the gospel... They celebrate Christmas on the 24th which was a little different but I guess a lot of Latin American countries do too, all the elders in our ward got together for dinner which was pretty neat! And when we were sleeping at 12pm we both jumped out of bed cause there was a Bachinall going on all over the city. It’s like a crazy party with a lot of fireworks and craziness. We peeked out of the door and it was allll hazed from smoke and you could see people running with sparklers and all haha. It was pretty funny too cause the bishop wanted us to come have dinner with him at crazy right? Not here though lol. Apparently New Year’s Eve is even crazier so I guess ill find out! Christmas here was like walking around in a Ghost city... we had about all of our appts dropped cause no one was home. Butttt, I GOT TO SKYPE. Felt awesome to see the family again and some awesome friends!! I was able to somewhat take a family picture too! But I love my family a lot so it was a big uplifting feeling to see them. :) I’ve been focusing my studies a lot too more on the Book of Mormon and also reading ¨Jesus the Christ¨ and challenge all to read both cause they teach you more than you can imagine!! But we were supposed to have a baptism this past week but unfortunately that fell through, so hopefully in the near future things will work out. Work during this week has been really slow and a little depressing. Our message is the most important message and no one seems home to share it with so this week we’ve made it our goal to have at least 10 street contacts a day to have new investigators. My companion has been pretty sick these past two days and we’ve been confined to the house but tomorrow were gonna come rushing out those front doors to find those who are ready to hear of this Gospel!! I Love you all!! And hope that you’re doing well! Stay safe and smart! Oh and Nutella is about 15 bucks here!!! Love all!!

Well this is gonna be a probably quick email! Things are always so busy here and not much time to do things! Butttt it was another awesome week! Tuesday we taught Patricia again and told her that we were gonna pay for her weeding (about 600 cordobas) and she was so excited because at the time they couldn’t afford it. But while I was eating that day I swallowed rice wrong and it went up in my nose and got stuck for a day.... make sure to never swallow your rice wrong cause it sucks and you’ll have a messed up nose feeling for over a week. WE felt prompted to stop by a less actives house too and turns out he was really sick and in need of a blessing, so I also helped give my first blessing here. It’s crazy how the spirit prompts us missionaries. We came back a day later and he was doing great! :) Wednesday I had divisions with one of the Zone Leaders who was from Argentina, he was pretty cool, his name is Elder Zorrilla. And his comp elder ferrin. I did a lot of street contacting with them and spoke a lot more Spanish than I thought, but it was an amazing spiritual learning experience. Thursday it felt good to be back in my own bed again. And to be back with my "dad" here, Elder Le Sueur. We had an awesome member go to lessons with us that night and he even had a list of references too, a missionaries dream! Friday I said bye to my bed again and went on another division because the District leader had to interview our investigators for baptism. We did a lot of walking and some contacting. Saturday!!!!!! The day! My first baptisms here and a weeding! Patricia and her new Husband Exodo got baptized, I baptized Patricia and my comp baptized Exodo. Their testimonies are so strong and I know they’re going to be strong members in the church; I have so much love for them. I’ve watched them grow so much spiritually it’s admirable and I can’t wait to see that change in the lives of others. I felt the spirit so strong Sunday too when they were confirmed. Today (Monday) we had a mission wide Christmas party here in Managua! All the zones expect Puerto Cabeza cause they’d have to fly to get here. It was awesome to see all the people I came here with! They had some decent food too but it was nice being in the Hilton! With Air conditioning haha. Love you Guys!! Can’t wait to talk next week! Oh and vie got another baptism this Saturday too! The work is going! :)