Monday, October 5, 2015

August 18, 2015

Well how y'all doing!? So yeah i know that I'm writing y'all on a
Tuesday but that's because the power goes out here alot in good ole
puerto cabezas. I know am starting my 4th change here in the Branch
Bilwi! but yesterday i got a new comp named Elder Monson! Hes super
legit and has a little over on his mission. But were ready to do alot
of good here in the area! This past week elder cayax and i were able
to baptize a man who is super cool, before he was even baptized he'd
help us teach some lessons and translate in Miskito for us. So we were
blessed to be able to help him make a covenant with God :) Monday
(yesterday) we had transfers and my old comp elder cayax wen t an area
called caminante, and I received a different missionary from puerto
named Elder monson like a said a little more earlier. My good friend
from here, Elder Pilling, had changes and went back to the pacific to
be a secretary for president. But things are going good here in
Puerto! and in Nicaragua! I just want to testify on how important the
Lords work is for everyone, not just the missionaries either, but for
everyone. But I'm thankful for this 2 year opportunity i have to be
100% dedicated and focused on the Lords work! Its great to get lost in
the work and you truly feel happy and perfect with the spirit. Follow
the spirit always in your life's and everyone will be able to share at
least one spiritual thought a day. Here in my area its very important
to follow the spirit, not only to protect us from danger, but also to
find those who God has readied to hear his gospel. Follow the spirit,
and find. Follow the spirit, and be happy. I love y'all! be smart and
don't do drugs!!

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