Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015
Well! Today was changes and I’m still in my area! But I love it haha,
this change is 8 weeks long, so when the change ends I will have a
little more than 10 months in my area! In 2 days I hit 1 year in
Nicaragua which has flown by. This week was a good ole normal
missionary week. We had a really cool family that was planned to be
baptized this past Saturday but they went to the hospital Saturday
cause the wife was sick and there they meet all their family and their
family is from a different religion and they were against them getting
baptized so therefore the family got frightened to go against each of
the parents and they ended up not getting baptized unfortunately. It
was pretty sad because we’ve had alot of spiritually strong lessons
with them and well yeah: / but other than that things are okay. I
haven’t been sick! So I have this one "special" shirt that someone had
thrown acid when I was using it so the fabric is like super thin and
eaten away in parts and so I took it on divisions this past week and
it was clean and I ended divisions with it all nasty and brown from
dirt, and weird sweat haha. But i also I’m sure as yall know i have
alot of beach land in my area and so I was able to get some cool pics.
But all in all things are going good here. It’s cool because I know
pretty much everyone in my area and pretty much everyone knows me, and
every few seconds I walk into a friend on the street and have a little
chat with them on how they and their families are doing. Good things
about being a missionary in the same area for a long time (238 days)! I
hope yall have a good week! Write me!

November 30, 2015

13 months has swept by, i was reading in my journal the other night
from my entries a year ago, wow have things changed. So how y’all
doing? Things are going good here in Puerto Cabezas. Safe and sound
ha-ha. Well next week there’s changes and idk if I’ve got changes, itd be
my 7th change in my area, I’d be going on 9 months here haha. But I
love it and I am not complaining. Things are going good here but had some
difficulties towards the end of the week. super occupied doing
interviews and Sunday we passed by all the investigators we could but
for the first time in months we weren’t able to bring an investigator
to church which really stunk. But things are good still. one of the
things I’ve really learned in my mission from people, is that we
shouldn’t put excuses to God. We shouldn’t make excuses for not going to
church, for not sharing the gospel, for not helping someone, because
excuses don’t work. God wants to bless each and every one of us, more
than we can imagine, but if we continue putting excuses, what do we
deserve? In Nephi 3:7 it says that God will never give us commandments
that are impossible. We all need to make sure were doing our part. and
as it says in Mosiah 2:41 if we do our part, God will bless us. In
these days that we live in, there are many excuses to not do our best or
to not fulfill with all the commandments. When excuses come to mind,
when errands come to hand in Sunday instead of going to church, we
need to remember what Christ did for us. He died for each one of us,
suffered for each one of us so that we can change our lives and be
better. He could’ve made an excuse and not atoned for us, but he
didn’t, so why should we make excuses in our lives to not obey God. I
challenge all of us this week and always to find the excuses in our
lives, and to get rid of them, and our lives will be so much better, i
love yall and hope yall have a good week!

November 23, 2015

So this week was crazy! We had alot of preparing done cause this past
weekend we had District Conference! This was pretty fun. But I don’t
have much time now to write but if you want to know a little more hit up my
mom with an email! Here’s some pictures though! And a scripture I
received that I love! 1 Nephi 9:6
“But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he
prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men;
for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words.
And thus it is. Amen. There’s a way for everything and we need to
accept it and follow it, I love yall! Stay safe!!! Oh and my coming
home date changed! I’m now coming home October 25, 2016!!!! 2 more
weeks of greatness that I gained! Would’ve gone home Oct 11. Take

November 16, 2015

Well this week was full of rain so I didn’t have time to take many
pictures first off. But this week was pretty great as always! This
week we had a decent amount of people investigating the church but not
as many as normal and not many with fechas to be baptized so my comp
and I had to work super hard to refill our teaching pool of the people
that are interested in coming to Christ. So we focused alot on
finding new families and straight up inviting them to be baptized and
many didn’t accept because they were already members of another church
and so we got really bummed, but ended up having alot of successes
towards mid-week and we got really animated by the people that we are
teaching because they’re all so eager and willing to be clean of their
sins and to find the true church. But it was really fun, we taught
alot of lessons and they were all super spiritual. We found some
really funny bolos this week too which are always a sight to see.

November 9, 2015

Well this week was pretty neat but sad, we had alot of success this
week and were able to baptize the husband of one of my recent
converts! It was so stressful because Sunday he found out that he had to
go drive a boat for a good week and when he comes back he has to go
out of country for months. So the sacrament meeting was just finishing
and they still weren’t here and I was super worried, so I got outside
on the balcony and say a prayer and when I open my eyes there come 4
taxis coming down the hill. but the 4 pass by slowly by the church,
and none of them stop but i still just had the strongest feeling ever
that they were close, and then another comes flying down the hill and
stops at the church and there they come out and we ended up being able
to confirm him and his wife. It was a miracle.. We also found some
pretty cool people too this week that we started teaching and are
progressing towards their baptisms! Then today is Changes, and I
somewhat had changes ha-ha, I received a new comp, Elder Accordino and
I was made District Leader her in the best Zone in the World! I’ve got
almost 9 months in my area and I’ve still got time! We did however
change house and now I’ve got a pretty cool house on the beach!!! I
love my area, and just about everyone knows me. My branch here has
been doing pretty good and it’s so fun to work with everyone. I know
the Lord has called me here for a while for a reason! It’s fun to be a
President in the branch presidency too, being able to help people her
so much more to come unto Christ. So today because here in Puerto we
had 2 areas close down, we had to go and do alot of house swapping
this morning which was fun but super exhausting. Y’all be safe this
week! And make sure that you do things to always have the spirit with
you! Love yall!

November 2, 2015
Well this week was pretty fun! I hit a year this Thursday which was
really weird because it definitely doesn’t feel like a year has already
passed, then we had to chase a rat in the house which was a pretty
intense chase, we all had flashlights, brooms, a machete, or flip flop
and chased it down. Then Friday was a crazy day but we were able to
find a cool looking iguana! But Saturday we were able to baptize a
super awesome family that is just the best. They wanted to push their
baptism up a few weeks because they knew everything and they wanted to
get busy in a calling and helping others! Times rushed today I’m sorry
but I did take some cool pics today! One of my zone leaders finishes
his mission next week and he and his comp happen to live with us so
we took them out a little sightseeing to the pier and then some cool
high sightseeing stuff! Some awesome pictures!!
October 26, 2015This week was pretty fun! We worked super hard and found some awesome
big families and invited them all to be baptized! so this week we were
able to baptize a young man 15 years old. Only he was able to be
baptized because he’s being rushed to the Capital for health reasons
but his whole family will be getting baptized pretty soon! Then
another Hermana who I’ve been teaching for the past 4ish months was
finally able to be baptized :) and her husband will be following her
this weekend by being baptized! This week was pretty great! Cool thing
that happened is that one of my friends here (the lady in the picture)
gave us some Sea Cucumbers (pepino here) and they look and feel weird.
Well as i was sitting here in the Cyber I was on and i found
this cool Mormon message called Reflections and it was a really
powerful video i think. Elder James B. Martino taught, “In our trials,
let us not become bitter or uncommitted, but let us follow the
Savior’s example of becoming more earnest, more sincere, and more
faithful. ... Let us not complain, … let us serve others, and let us
forgive one another. As we do this, all things will work together for
good to us that love God.” In our times of trials we don’t need to put
blames or become impatient. As missionaries’ there’s alot of things that
happen to people that we don’t want to happen, investigators that
weren't able to go to church, or that did something wrong. We always
have to be patient. We must not complain and keep on going. We have
these trials in our lives for a reason to help us grow and mature, so
let’s be mature and use them wisely!

October 19th

This week has been FULL of rain. It rained everyday all day. I was

doing divisions with one of the ZLs this week and it was flooded all
around Puerto and he didn’t have his rain boots with him, so I ended up
having to carry him around little streams and it was a funny day. But
it seems when your soaked and dripping water, muddy, water in your
boots and teaching people about Christ, the things of the world don’t
matter anymore. Its funny cause here all the people have zinc and tin
roofs so when its raining you can barely talk in a house in be heard
haha. But this week was really peaceful. This week though we realized
that alot of the people we were teaching weren’t progressing as fast so
we looked for alot of new people to teach and we were able to find
alot and invited them to be baptized and alot accepted!