Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Well this week was great!! full of frustrating situations towards the
end of the week but ill talk about that later haha. So this week
passed by pretty fast, my comp and I didn't find as many new people to
teach as we would've liked. But those that we did find are really
awesome. So this week we went crazy inviting EVERYONE to go to
conference it was crazy. then this weekend comes to conference time
right. My branch was supposed to have a bus to take the people , then
Saturday morning right before the route was supposed to start they
said the bus forgot and went to do another trip, so last minute we had
to find a bus and it was super chaotic and frustrating but i guess I've
really been calmed in my mission haha. But we were able to bring 14 of
our investigators to the conferences this Saturday and Sunday. All of
them really loved it and we could really tell. I love watching
conference, i was able to watch it in English too which was pretty
neat. Like every other elder probably, I loved the talk by Elder
Holland that talked about moms. I love my mom and i love how much she
cares about me, I also love my heavenly father and my savior and all
that they have given me and all that they have in store for me. I know
this church is true and that the apostles and prophet are called of
God to guide us in these latter days! Love y'all!

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