Monday, October 5, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well this week was pretty interesting, lots of fun stories were made
and many spiritual memories.So the week kinda started out bad cause i
left a notebook that i had in a taxi that had some notes of memories
that I've had with other missionaries and advice and photos and all that
good stuff so yeahh. But then I found some weed eating equipment which
made it a lil better haha. And for the first time i watched a pig
running around get turned into ribs and it was weird but i bore it. On
divisions we found a cool bridge that had all these holes in it which
was funny, but we also found these really cool family that started off
as a contact and then the lady invited us in the house to sit down and
we share a message about repentance and baptism and how we all need to
better our relationship with God and her and her son accepted a date
to be baptized. Its crazy here how so many people hre are so ready to
be baptized as long as you follow the spirit, Christ will put those in
your paths and make us say what is needed to say to them. Then when i
got back to my area we had to take the trash out to burn and all these
mealworms were under the bag and so it got super nasty and smelled
horrible in the house so we threw the bag all over the fire. Then had
a seafood soup for lunch which was realllly good. Lobster, crab and
some fish which i somehow got lucky enough to kiss ;P. These past
weeks we've been teaching some siblings of one of my recent converts
and we were able to baptize the 3 of them this weekend which was
really nice, they're so awesome and are already trying to get their
other family to hear our message. But this week was really good,
rained alot but its always worth it working for the Lord. Ive got less
than 13 months left in Nicaragua, its crazy how time flies, but I'm
loving it how its not flying too fast. Nowadays i cant imagine how the
normal life would be, i just want to keep helping others come unto
Christ and seeing the differences the spirit can make in our lives. I
love y'all! have a good week! and remember, Have you done anything good

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