Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 9, 2016

I did a little investigating and in the end of 3 days of 8 missionaries searching, I finally found my camera and had to buy it for 100 cords haha. but yeah! lots of prayers to find that joker haha. This week was pretty good! we had district conference and we filled a bus with about 100 members from ocotal and hit the road to Esteli and we FILLED the chapel, a small chapel with almost 480 members/visitors. So this week Elder Choque officially became my comp and then in Saturday they called him and told him we was flying BACK TO PUERTO CABEZAS! he's super lucky so in my email to president today i told him " so its possible to go back to puerto after you've left right?" hahaha. But good news is.......IM TRAINING!! Im going to Managua tomorrow to get my first son in the mission! I'm super excited haha my first son. It only took me like 19 months haha, kinda stinks that I am not gonna be able to see him grow in the mission to much, but were gonna throw some fire together! Weve got some really cool families this month to baptize and all. Also I am searching for a member to replace me as the Branch President. .. President Collado told me that I have 6 weeks to find a member and to prepare him. I am super excited and praying hard to find this chosen man, to baptize him or reactivate him. hope things are going good for yall! I love yall take care!! the pics are of a kid I saw with red hair at the conference and I told hims mom I needed a picture with him haha, the others are of the baptisms I had 2 weeks ago. He lives and loves us! Always remember that!!!!!

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