Wednesday, June 8, 2016

April 11, 2016

Semana 2 en OCOTAL!!

Well this was a tiring week. day after day of walking up and down hills.. tirrrringgg. This week I had to travel 3 hours to a community also to do an interview and help with a baptism which was super cool, got to know some more of Nicaragua. but we almost missed the bus getting home which would've been super bad. We had to run about half a mile to from the river where we did the baptism to the nearest road and call the first taxi and made it about 2 minutes before the bus left.. miracle! But this Sundays testimony meeting was super spiritual. It started off with silence then my comp got up bore his testimony and told everyone not to be scared. A sister who had just got confirmed bore her testimony on all the blessings shes received from the gospel in this short amount of time ( 4 days from her baptism) and it was super spiritual and then her daughter also bore her testimony and then the majority of the members too and we ended up finishing sacrament meeting a little later. Things went a little slow for my companion and I this past week but were ready to see and work some miracles this week! love yall! take care!!

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