Wednesday, June 8, 2016

February 29, 2016

Well this week was good, we saw a really great miracle. We had been looking for a while for a pilas person to baptize and we had been teaching a brother of some of my recent converts and he had some problems and didn't even have a fecha for his baptism and Thursday we get there and find out that his problem had gone away and that he was ready to be baptized and to be clean of his sins. And so we were able to baptize him this past Saturday and now were helping him to get the priesthood in the next 2 weeks. This week i helped teach English class which was really cool too. Also were teaching a really neat family and they're ready to be baptized next week and they're pretty legit, the man hasn't drank since we started teaching them and hes got a strong testimony on that. Well this email is really rushed cause there is a new elder coming to town and we have gotta go get him from the airport! love yall!

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