Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 23, 2016

Well! things are going great! we've been doing excellent in our area! this week we were able to bring 9 of our investigators to church and it was a miracle because of this 9, about 7 went to church by themselves and they all liked it and are willing to continue visiting and be baptized! I had to travel 2 hours away from my area to an area called Jalapa to do divisions for 2 days and it was pretty fun, I got a little sick though but I guess that is all part life... haha, I hope all are going well! this week I will be going to my first new missionary meeting in over a year because of my greenie that I am training! It is gonna be super weird but I guess I'll be learning bunches too! This week in church after everyone left we found a chicken in the church and so us missionaries decided to teach him and all haha and in the end decided to throw it over the fence so he wouldn't poop all in the church. I am already tired of traveling in my time in Ocotal I have already spent about 40 hours in a bus and I am learning how to position myself perfectly to be able to finally sleep in the journeys haha. have a good week!

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