Wednesday, June 8, 2016

April 18, 2016

Semana de Milagros. como Siempre!! :)

Well This has been a week of miracles! we had a cool couple to be baptized but we had a lot of problems finding all the papers for the wedding and had to travel a little to find the right papers. The judges all said we wouldn't be able to marry them because they needed more info, so we found a lady that said she could marry them and then Saturday morning, called us and said no :/ so we prayed hard and left to go find a judge to do it that same day, and we found one. It was a miracle. So Saturday afternoon we finally were able to baptize them, they're super legit and already looking for ways to serve the Lord, so a calling is coming their way! haha. Today we went to the border of Honduras and it was... not what we thought haha, we went to take pictures of the "bienvenidos a Nicaragua" sign but there wasn't even that, they just asked for our cedulas and told us to leave. So we hopped back on the bus and decide to get off in one of the communities and find something to do! so we found a mountain and we climbed it.. about 2 hour hike, I felt so dead. but i made it! we went with another companionship and it was a fun day! took lots of pics and videos. it was super steep too and we all fell down the mountain some haha, but great experience! this week we found some cool families also that want to be baptized so we've got some good future in plane here in Ocotal! I know that this is the Lords work, and it is greatly increasing, I know that this is true church, I know that God loves YOU, and he wants the best for YOU. have a great week! Write me! 

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