Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 2, 2016

Well this week has been great but super different. I was told to do divisions with an elder named ELDER CHOQUE from Utah. It was super chill because we were really good friends when we were in Puerto. We threw some fire this week too which was great, the lord has worked some miracles with us in these divisions, we were able to baptize 3 people in the family of a less active that we've been reactivating! but not all got confirmed so we have to wait for the next Sunday. Also found a lot of nice families that accepted baptismal dates, the month of may is looking great! buttttt, someone robbed my camera :/ doing all I can to get it back though cause I think I know who! pray for us to find it! I love ya'll and hope things are going great! tomorrow I travel to the capital and then back at night!! so tomorrow is a good 12 in total of bus rides haha, love yall!
Hopefully I can get my camera back so that I can send pictures next week or soon after. 

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