Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 30, 2016

So this week was pretty interesting! We have got 2 awesome families again that will be getting baptized this week and its going to be really awesome! One of the men, named Rony, I've been secretly preparing to replace me as branch president! So for a little over a week we have been teaching them about the temple and they're so animated to go to Honduras in a year to the temple. Friday Rony told me " so in a year when we go to the temple we want you to come with us to watch us get sealed" and how in the temple prep book it teaches that we shouldn't just go for curiosity, but to make covenants and it really hit me how chosen they are. here in the mission we work a lot on finding the chosen people who God has prepared in these days to hear the gospel. and I am so grateful for my heavenly father for putting me here in Nicaragua, where he has a lot of children waiting to repent and make covenants with him. I've had a few converts now that have gone to the temple and its sad not being to go with them because we still lack a temple here in Nicaragua, but its just a great feeling to know that someone's not just baptizing to be baptized, but really doing it to come unto God and live according to his gospel. I love my Nicas!!  I was able to help a hermana build more on her house by making adobes, which is just mud blocks that are put out to be dried... that is how the houses are made here! super neat! then today we went back to Dipilto and climbed the mountain! super exhausting but fun at the same time!! talk to y'all next week! remember the sacredness of our purpose in this life!

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