Wednesday, June 8, 2016

March 21, 2016

Well how are yall doing? I'm doing good here. this morning we played an intense, tiring game of capture the flag. It was pretty fun. This past week was pretty great too. We were able to baptize 2 people this week. One of them was a mom of some members, and the younger one was a sister of a member that had been investigating the church for a while but finally was able to be baptized. They're both really cool and have some strong testimonies. They always go to church on their owns and willing to help us teach and find new people. So this next month is changes and I'm hoping to stay in my area again. I've got 11 months here and i love it. There are a few members that want me to baptize their 8 year olds if i leave haha. But pray I hope i stay here but i know the Lord knows whats best. Have a great week!! Love yall! Also were having to look for a new house..  I have been in Puerto for 11 months all in 1 area, lived in 4 houses and now looking for the 5th house to move into.

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