Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 16, 2016

Well I'm a proud father of an Elder Santizo from Guatemala! Hes legit and super ready to get going in his mission. This week we have put super high goals and we were able to achieve the majority of them which gave us a lot of excitement! So this week past by super fast and it's weird how much just flies by us sometime. Also highlights from the picture is that we made a little convoy of members and brought them to like a little fireside that we did and brought about 60 people to it! One of my recent converts makes bricks and I was able to help him a little this week and I've got a pic of the kiln that we had to use to burn the bricks! We have found some really cool families this week and we had a lot of them come to church which was a miracle. things are getting speed up her in Ocotal and I am glad that I am here to be one of the Lords servants helping spread the gospel in these days. There's going to be a lot to say the next week! i love yall!!

(Mom speaking) I downloaded the following pictures from the Mission President and his wife. I think that it is so wonderful that when a brand new missionary comes into country, that there is a welcoming from the companion that they are assigned to. Michael traveled from Ocotal to Managua to meet his companion and just look at the greetings that he gave him! What a great feeling to those moms (and families) to know that their son/daughter is welcomed and being taken care of! What a great example that is set!!


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