Wednesday, June 8, 2016

March 14, 2016

Things are great! My comp and I are doing great, healthy and all! on the search for a new house.... again. Ive hit 11 moths in Puerto Cabezas now, and all of it in the same area. But I love it!!! This week we found out that a long time "member" wasnt actually a member cause she hadnt been registered and so weve gotta baptize her now! we almost did saturday but she is working for a baseball tournament going on because her family is struggling. I also accidentally dropped my phone in my hot chocolate too and it worked for a while, died, then worked again, and in the end, the screen is pure white now haha. But something that my comp and I have been looking into lately for alot of members and investigator is the 12 steps of addiction recovery that the church offers and have watched the videos and studied it and have already seen some success through it. I know that our savior has a plan for us. I know that sometimes we fall away from his plan and go into our but its meant for us to learn. God gives his toughest challenges to his toughest soldiers. I challenge all of you to watch these 12 videos and look on the church website and find a way to help someone with an addiction. They need our help...


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