Monday, June 15, 2015

This week was kinda pretty busy and we were fanless in our house, both the fans died and wouldn’t work for nothing :/ its super miserable especially here without a fan sleeping and all. I slept about only half the time as normal. So Thursday we had to go to the main chapel here so my comp could do a baptismal interview for hermanas in the district and we waited more than an hour for them and after the interview it was late and we had to head home. Then Saturday President Collado, his wife, and the sister training leaders flew out here to Puerto because president had interviews and so had interviews in the evening and then as we were leaving Hermana Collado stopped us and asked us to help her with something so we were like oh of course! Haha so we went with her to buy fans for all the missionaries who needed them, especially us. So we ended up spending the whole evening with Hermana Collado. But I was able to learn alot about her and she gained alot more respect! Whenever we got in a taxi she would contact them so awesome and wouldn’t be afraid to tell them things that they need to hear. But this Saturday I was able to skype for mother’s day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt good to talk to the family again and to see them! I’ve used up half of my skypes now in my misión! Only have this Christmas and next mother’s day left! Family is doing all good which is awesome! Also this past Sunday I had another baptism! He’s pretty sweet! He mainly speaks Miskito and so we had to bring members to all the lessons to translate and all. But all is good here in Puerto Cabezas! Love it!

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