Monday, June 15, 2015

What’s up y’all?!?! Life here is great! We found some awesome people this week! We had a lot of baptisms planned for this week, 6 people, but unfortunately, one big family had to go to a community for a while and they won’t be back till tomorrow so we had to move there baptismal date to this Saturday instead. And also another family who we had to push back instead, it was pretty sad to go around that morning and find out that all our dates had fallen. But we did have a great baptism this past Saturday. He’s a really cool guy who’s changed his life around. On Thursday we went to another elder’s area to help them find more investigators, and we found some awesome positive people and are hoping that they will be willing to be baptized someday with the other elders! This week we're praying hard for miracles to happen that all of our possibilities will be able to baptized. The work is ready here but you gotta work super hard at it. And we’ve gotta work even harder than that. But already here I’ve seen many miracles. And I know that through our faith and we can continue to see many miracles from God. Also in my branch here my comp and I teach gospel doctrine and also priesthood! And y’all might be surprised but I can teach 2 hours straight in Spanish haha. The lord really does work miracles :) love y’all and take care this week!!!!!

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