Monday, June 15, 2015

Well I’ve been transferred! To PUERTO CABEZAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I boarded the little plane this morning at 1230 and took an hour and a half flight out to my new home. I’ll be out here for about a year + which is cool. It’s isolated on the Atlantic coast and the only way to get here is by plane or an 18 hour bus ride cause the jungle. It’s pretty hot here though. But I love it. Its alot different than being in Managua. My new comps name is Elder Cayax from Guatemala. He seems pretty legit and was ready to get working! Puerto is like a different world. Alot of the houses are on stilts and are different designs than in the other parts of Nicaragua. My area is surrounded by the ocean too which has really good looking views. The plane ride was cool. It was a little 12 person puddle jumper plane and was legit. I got alot of sweet pictures too but I kinda forgot my memory card in my new house:/... I’m sweating a ton just typing this. All they eat here really is fish and coconut cause there’s the trees all around and the fishing industry is huge here. Remember the movie [The other side of heaven]? I’m basically where that elder was. But I love it! There are so many people here who are ready to receive the gospel too! I gotta go though! Love y'all and stay safe!!!

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