Monday, June 15, 2015

Puerto Cabezas is paradise. We work hard and it’s impossible to not have fun here. It’s a completely different mission here too. Everyone’s one big family and basically everyone in Puerto will get to know you. All the people here speak 2 languages... Spanish and Miskito. Miskito sounds super weird but cool at the same time. There are a few words that are the same in English too which is cool. to say I ¨I speak English¨ you’d say ¨Yang ingles issizna¨ or something like that,, it’s weird how they spell and they’re sentences are written differently too. There’s an American missionary here who’s been here for a year who speaks Miskito more than he does Spanish and he’s pretty cool. One day I’ll be able to speak it though, I hope... There’s alot of cool missionaries here too! There are coconut and mango trees all over the place and my area is part of the city, and also the beach! Its hotter here than in Managua though and it rains alot randomly. Also the power goes out frequently. Anyways though, the work is awesome here too. It’s like a promise land cause everyone is open hearted and has listened to the missionaries before and has visited the church multiple times. We have 6 people getting baptized this week which is the most I’ve had. It’s so amazing here to see how people have changed from the first time we saw them, to the week of their baptism. So much more happiness and their presence is completely different. We have a super awesome investigator who’s getting baptized with his family this week and this past Sunday in the morning he went with us to contact families and invite people to church, he’s super legit. I hope y’all are all doing well this week! Always keep your heads up! Stay strong and keep moving forward!

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