Monday, June 15, 2015

This week was pretty legit!! The beginning of the week went a Little slow but then it picked up as the week went on. I received mail finally too this past Thursday! Here we only get mail normally once a month when someone from the pacific flies here to visit and brings a suitcase filled with our mail! Then Friday it started to rain a Little and by Saturday we had to bust out the rain boots. We would go from appt to appt sprinting and unable to see especially at night. But it was cool! Was able to revisit childhood a Little and jump in some deep puddles! But by the end of Saturday night we were soaked and exhausted and a Little down cause all of our investigators with a baptismal date had fallen on us. So we go to one of our investigators house to have a little visit with her. She said she was going through some really hard times and had to leave to a community in the morning ( Here in Puerto there’s alot of Little communities that alot of people live in but are in no man’s land and the church isn’t established yet out there). We talked about the plan of salvation a Little and by the end of the lesson she told us that before she leaves she wants to be baptized. It was a miracle that my companion and I had been praying for and fasting for alot. It’s amazing how the Lord can bring us up at all moments and perform amazing miracles. I love my Heavenly Father and all that he does for us. I love our Savior Jesus Christ and all that he did for us.

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