Monday, June 15, 2015

Well today was transfers! but I’m in my area still with my comp! were gonna throw fire this change! this week was pretty busy. The US military is here helping people receive medical attention and there’s a big navy ship and all too here. The church has a decent amount of volunteers with them too. So this week in the mornings I was translating for them and it felt so cool to do that! meet people from different countries volunteering too! it’s a Project called Continuing Hope. But this week was really good. time goes by here fast though :/ I’ll be hitting 7 months this week! but anyways this week we ended up seeing a few of our old investigators at the doctors and they told us they wanted us to start visiting them again so later in the week we did and we put baptismal dates with them! crazy how the Lord puts people back in your path when they’re really ready :) Also this week President Collado, his wife, and Elder Duncan came out to Puerto. Elder Duncan is the President of the area quorum of the 70. He gave us alot of advice with some of the struggles we have here and also he told us that we need to vision our branches as a stake in the next 10-20 years. I thought he was crazy but then I realized that with this vision and the mentality and help from the Lord, we can do it. I love y’all and have a good week!!!

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