Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pues, this weekend was awesome!! I loved conference. And I was able to watch it in English and loved it even more, well the first session I watched in Spanish but it just wasn’t the same. I loved having the chance to watch all 5 sessions too! I learned more than I thought. I hope y’all were able to see it too! I loved all of the talks. Especially Elder Bednar’s talk during Priesthood session about losing fear and the 3 steps. Not much happened this week, just working hard to find people to bring to Conference! This is my last week in this transfer too! So by this time next week I might be in another zone or something! Or still here with 5 months and counting in this area lol, I love this area though and the people so it doesn’t matter. It was weird having Aprils fool’s day and not doing any pranks here. I guess it’s just something in the states to get some steam out on people haha. But this week was hard to find people t teach. This week here is called Semana Santa where everyone goes to the beach, but there isn’t one in Managua so the streets were so bare and we would have to wait 30 minutes at least for a bus to pass by the bus stops. But we did find a cool family and hopefully things keep going good with them! But I hope y’all stay safe this week! And pull a prank for me please haha! I love y’all! Yo se que este evangelio es verdadero, que esta es la única iglesia verdadera en la tierra. Yo se que Presidente Thomas S. Monson es una Profeta llamado por Dios para dirigirnos y guiarnos en estas días. Yo se que con esta evangelio podemos vivir como familias para siempre, en una vida de felicidades sin fin. Estoy agradecido por esta oportunidad a servir el señor en Nicaragua, y servir la gente aquí, y ayudarles a venir mas cerca a nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial y a nuestro Salvador. I love y’all, Take care!

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