Saturday, April 11, 2015

Well unfortunately we didn't have a baptism this past week. But the family we had planned on baptizing we changed their date to this Saturday. We also have a really awesome guy planned for this coming Sunday. we taught him part of a lesson and gave him the restoration pamphlet and we went back this past week and asked him if he read it and he said he read alll of it, prayed and received an answer that this church was true. He went to church with us along with another family and he was answering questions in classes and all which was pretty neat to see his desire. This week was pretty good though. We received a plan from the Area 70 presidency and part of the plan for us missionaries is to go to families and ask them for names of 10 families that they know of, pray over the list of people name by name, and then come back later and make a plan with them to visit the families. this plan has worked pretty good so far. We found a family that's gone to church 4 times but have never been taught by missionaries, praying and having the faith that they'll come to church with is this coming Sunday! but work is always good here. There's alot of really cool people finishing their missions this change, which ends march 2nd.. like my current Zone Leader, Elder Zorilla! hes the best, hes from Argentina! and theres 6 other Zone Leaders leaving and alot more. We had a meeting this past week with the President and he said that 10-15 of us missionaries that are finishing training, will receive ¨Kids¨ which are new new missionaries and we have to train the... so who knows what will happen this next change! But anyways i was going through some scriptures for lessons and I found Enos1:9. sorry but you'll have to translate it... it says ¨Ahora bien, sucedió que cuando hube oído estas palabras, empecé a anhelar el bienestar de mis hermanos los nefitas; por tanto, derramé toda mí alma a Dios por ellos¨ Well here's a rough translation but its saying that When Enos heard the words of God, he wanted everyone to hear them too. Sharing this gospel is necessary for the kingdom of God on the Earth to grow. We contact alot of people here and honestly some are interested but alot of times too others aren't. I promise though and testify that if we share the gospel in whenever we have the chance, we will find an ¨escogido¨ a chosen, who will know that this message is true. I love all of y'all and hope your week is good! Tenga la fe!!!

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