Saturday, April 11, 2015

Today I received my Cedula, which is the ID card for Central America! It looks cool but it got messed up haha, there was a little piece of paper on my picture when they laminated it unfortunately, but it’s still great to finally have it aha. This past Thursday we had a meeting with the presiding Bishop of the Church (Bishop Davies), and one of the counselors in the Central American area authority. It was really neat to hear what they had to saw and listen to their counsel. It was really nice to see my mission friends there too! Also the South mission was there too which was cool, so all the missionaries in Nicaragua, minus those who are in Puerto Cabeza (cause their have to take a plane to get to the meeting) and I guess there wasn’t a bunch but still like 400 missionaries or something. And all the authorities spoke in Spanish which was cool to hear. The South Mission President´s parents were the Mission Presidents of Bishop Davies which was even cooler. We all left the meeting motivated to work hard. We have a baptism date for a hermana this Wednesday but I’m not sure if it’ll happen 100% but were praying super hard for her. Also there’s an investigator who prefers to speak English with her so yesterday I was on divisions with one of my ZLs and we pretty much taught her in English which was cool! Super different though. But she’s super positive, we taught her about el libro de Mormon and she said she feels it’s true but that’s about it. I gotta go! Love y’all! Sorry but the computer doesn’t accept my memory today :/ but I’ve got good pics for next week! Take care!!

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