Monday, December 7, 2015

October 26, 2015This week was pretty fun! We worked super hard and found some awesome
big families and invited them all to be baptized! so this week we were
able to baptize a young man 15 years old. Only he was able to be
baptized because he’s being rushed to the Capital for health reasons
but his whole family will be getting baptized pretty soon! Then
another Hermana who I’ve been teaching for the past 4ish months was
finally able to be baptized :) and her husband will be following her
this weekend by being baptized! This week was pretty great! Cool thing
that happened is that one of my friends here (the lady in the picture)
gave us some Sea Cucumbers (pepino here) and they look and feel weird.
Well as i was sitting here in the Cyber I was on and i found
this cool Mormon message called Reflections and it was a really
powerful video i think. Elder James B. Martino taught, “In our trials,
let us not become bitter or uncommitted, but let us follow the
Savior’s example of becoming more earnest, more sincere, and more
faithful. ... Let us not complain, … let us serve others, and let us
forgive one another. As we do this, all things will work together for
good to us that love God.” In our times of trials we don’t need to put
blames or become impatient. As missionaries’ there’s alot of things that
happen to people that we don’t want to happen, investigators that
weren't able to go to church, or that did something wrong. We always
have to be patient. We must not complain and keep on going. We have
these trials in our lives for a reason to help us grow and mature, so
let’s be mature and use them wisely!

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