Monday, December 7, 2015

November 2, 2015
Well this week was pretty fun! I hit a year this Thursday which was
really weird because it definitely doesn’t feel like a year has already
passed, then we had to chase a rat in the house which was a pretty
intense chase, we all had flashlights, brooms, a machete, or flip flop
and chased it down. Then Friday was a crazy day but we were able to
find a cool looking iguana! But Saturday we were able to baptize a
super awesome family that is just the best. They wanted to push their
baptism up a few weeks because they knew everything and they wanted to
get busy in a calling and helping others! Times rushed today I’m sorry
but I did take some cool pics today! One of my zone leaders finishes
his mission next week and he and his comp happen to live with us so
we took them out a little sightseeing to the pier and then some cool
high sightseeing stuff! Some awesome pictures!!

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