Monday, December 7, 2015

November 16, 2015

Well this week was full of rain so I didn’t have time to take many
pictures first off. But this week was pretty great as always! This
week we had a decent amount of people investigating the church but not
as many as normal and not many with fechas to be baptized so my comp
and I had to work super hard to refill our teaching pool of the people
that are interested in coming to Christ. So we focused alot on
finding new families and straight up inviting them to be baptized and
many didn’t accept because they were already members of another church
and so we got really bummed, but ended up having alot of successes
towards mid-week and we got really animated by the people that we are
teaching because they’re all so eager and willing to be clean of their
sins and to find the true church. But it was really fun, we taught
alot of lessons and they were all super spiritual. We found some
really funny bolos this week too which are always a sight to see.

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