Monday, December 7, 2015

November 9, 2015

Well this week was pretty neat but sad, we had alot of success this
week and were able to baptize the husband of one of my recent
converts! It was so stressful because Sunday he found out that he had to
go drive a boat for a good week and when he comes back he has to go
out of country for months. So the sacrament meeting was just finishing
and they still weren’t here and I was super worried, so I got outside
on the balcony and say a prayer and when I open my eyes there come 4
taxis coming down the hill. but the 4 pass by slowly by the church,
and none of them stop but i still just had the strongest feeling ever
that they were close, and then another comes flying down the hill and
stops at the church and there they come out and we ended up being able
to confirm him and his wife. It was a miracle.. We also found some
pretty cool people too this week that we started teaching and are
progressing towards their baptisms! Then today is Changes, and I
somewhat had changes ha-ha, I received a new comp, Elder Accordino and
I was made District Leader her in the best Zone in the World! I’ve got
almost 9 months in my area and I’ve still got time! We did however
change house and now I’ve got a pretty cool house on the beach!!! I
love my area, and just about everyone knows me. My branch here has
been doing pretty good and it’s so fun to work with everyone. I know
the Lord has called me here for a while for a reason! It’s fun to be a
President in the branch presidency too, being able to help people her
so much more to come unto Christ. So today because here in Puerto we
had 2 areas close down, we had to go and do alot of house swapping
this morning which was fun but super exhausting. Y’all be safe this
week! And make sure that you do things to always have the spirit with
you! Love yall!

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