Monday, December 7, 2015

October 19th

This week has been FULL of rain. It rained everyday all day. I was

doing divisions with one of the ZLs this week and it was flooded all
around Puerto and he didn’t have his rain boots with him, so I ended up
having to carry him around little streams and it was a funny day. But
it seems when your soaked and dripping water, muddy, water in your
boots and teaching people about Christ, the things of the world don’t
matter anymore. Its funny cause here all the people have zinc and tin
roofs so when its raining you can barely talk in a house in be heard
haha. But this week was really peaceful. This week though we realized
that alot of the people we were teaching weren’t progressing as fast so
we looked for alot of new people to teach and we were able to find
alot and invited them to be baptized and alot accepted!

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