Sunday, August 21, 2016

June 27, 2016
So this was a great week! The Lord loves his missionaries!! I had another super miracle baptism this week. We didn't even know the kid until Wednesday, but found out that he had investigated the church before and was away for along time. His aunt is a member. We had a meeting in the church and he came and I stepped outside of the meeting to ask why he was there and invited him to be baptized the 10th of July and he said this Saturday. We almost didn't get baptized because he had vacation from school and had to go to a pueblo to visit his grandma and so he wouldn't be able to do it.. then he told us Friday that his vacation was canceled and had school Monday and that he'd be able to go to church Sunday and be baptized Saturday! so 2 big miracles... finding him, and in the end baptizing him. He came to church with his family to be confirmed! This week I was doing service making a fence and cutting down a tree whose branches had 3 inch thorns all on it... and one fell on my arm and the thorns went all the way in and it was super nasty taking them out and had to go to the clinic because my arm got swollen... so now I am just having to wait for the little barbs to come out of there holes in my arm.. :)... Also Saturday we had a big mother's day, father's day and children's day activity and came more than 100 people and it was super fun! There were many fun activities. I was asked to dance in front of everyone haha.. still not the best dancer let's just say :) Also today we went and visited a little city outside of Ocotal called Mosonte and did some exploring and found a cool little old catholic church and took some cool pics! But anyways I know the lord works miracles in our lives! My companion and I were praying a ton throughout this past week asking that we would be led to find those searching for the truth and want to be baptized. We didn't have anyone for this week, and so we set out searching with faith and we found our miracle. If we ask and have faith.. He loves us and will give us miracles if we do whats right. I love y'all! take care!

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