Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 1, 2016

Well this week was great! I had my last news meeting with my son Elder Santizo and today he has finished his training!!! The surprising new..HES GOING TO HAVE A SON TOMORROW and he's a DL!!! I'M A GRANDPA!!! and because of I had changes though! Good news though is that I literally changed to the other side of Ocotal haha, I became a ZL too so this will be a neat experience! Also today I start my last 12 weeks here in Nicaragua... :/ One elder from the zone, Elder Hirschi, finished the mission today. He'll be missed here! So this Wednesday I had a little operation haha, I had these weird lumps on my face and I had to go to the clinic and they gave me shots and it was super painful! I walked around for 2 days with big lumps from the shots and swollen. The good news is that they're all gone!! Things are great here, this weekend we got to visit a little pueblo called Jicaro to take out some papers for a marriage! We were able to marry a couple super cool and then yesterday we were able to baptize the wife after church! We ask her if she wanted to get baptized yesterday or within the week, and she was like, lets go to the river! I am ready to get wet! ...after 4 months working with her, I was finally able to see the baptisms, my last convert in the area! Miracles exist if were obedient!! 3 nephi 8:1

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