Sunday, August 21, 2016

July 4, 2016

Well another week full of miracles!! My companion and I started the week off without anyone preparing to be baptized this past weekend.. and so after having the miracle happen a week ago of baptizing the young man, we knew that Heavenly Father would be able to bless us again. So we prayed a lot together on Monday.... on who we should pass by so that we finish the week by finding our lost soul to be baptized. On Tuesday we were presenting some datos in a meeting and I had a strong feeling to put this one family's name on the board as people we could baptize this week. and so after lunch we pass by the family ( thinking that the husband would still be out of town cause he'd been gone for over a month) and there was the husband and he said " we missed you guys, can we get baptized now" and my companion and I just looked at each other and we just felt the Lords finger in this work! It was a pure miracle that came from a simple feeling to pass by the family. So this weekend we had the privilege to see them get married and also baptized! It was funny cause we were getting the wedding ready and they just walk in like an hour early and we were shocked haha because they lived like 30 minutes from the church.. and then on Sunday they all came to church together. I love to see families coming to church because they want to!  I know the Lord works miracles. And especially here in Ocotal! Throwing fire as the best area in the mission for the past few months!! It is very hot here. We do what we can here to stay cool. The only times that I see or feel air conditioned rooms is at church.  I love y'all! Ask for Miracles with faith, listen to the spirit, and you'll see and feel what I've seen and felt for the past 21 months :) This past week I got a call from the mission president's counselor and he was like hey Elder Baltimore I need to talk to you, I'll be in Ocotal in the chapel waiting for you in half an hour! I was shocked because I didn't do anything wrong haha, and so we talked a minute and he told me that they were gonna start seminary and institute here!!! He asked me who could be my teacher and I though in my head.. "hmmm who can be like Jeri Toolan" haha and so we got in his truck and headed off to this lady's house and talked to her and I shared her the story on how seminary has impacted my life and the changes that it helped me make haha and I told her that seminary teachers teach the future missionaries and then I shared stories and in the end she accepted!

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