Sunday, August 21, 2016

July 25, 2016
Well this was a great week! We had interviews with our new mission president and it was a really great interview! We bonded a lot and he even went out and with me and my companion! It was super cool to be able to work with him! Today we went to climb a mountain and it was super cool. It was called the 3 seƱoritas. I do not have much time to write though because it's late! Tomorrow I have to get up at 230 in the morning to catch the bus to go to Managua for a meeting! Saturday we had a service project with a sister to go into the mountains and cut wood and carry it all the way back to her house. It was a painful journey, carrying about 60-70 lbs of wood like 5 miles back to her house on my shoulders, My shoulders are still red and purple and killing me but it was fun. (I do enjoy hard work) and I would definitely do it again! This past Sunday I was able to call my 1st counselor in the branch presidency to help out the branch!! We've had a lot of miracles happening though. I know this church is true!!! I know that God works miracles every day. I have seen these miracles and how it has brought people closer together. I love y'all and I'll talk next week! Sorry for a short message but everything is okay!

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