Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well this is gonna be a probably quick email! Things are always so busy here and not much time to do things! Butttt it was another awesome week! Tuesday we taught Patricia again and told her that we were gonna pay for her weeding (about 600 cordobas) and she was so excited because at the time they couldn’t afford it. But while I was eating that day I swallowed rice wrong and it went up in my nose and got stuck for a day.... make sure to never swallow your rice wrong cause it sucks and you’ll have a messed up nose feeling for over a week. WE felt prompted to stop by a less actives house too and turns out he was really sick and in need of a blessing, so I also helped give my first blessing here. It’s crazy how the spirit prompts us missionaries. We came back a day later and he was doing great! :) Wednesday I had divisions with one of the Zone Leaders who was from Argentina, he was pretty cool, his name is Elder Zorrilla. And his comp elder ferrin. I did a lot of street contacting with them and spoke a lot more Spanish than I thought, but it was an amazing spiritual learning experience. Thursday it felt good to be back in my own bed again. And to be back with my "dad" here, Elder Le Sueur. We had an awesome member go to lessons with us that night and he even had a list of references too, a missionaries dream! Friday I said bye to my bed again and went on another division because the District leader had to interview our investigators for baptism. We did a lot of walking and some contacting. Saturday!!!!!! The day! My first baptisms here and a weeding! Patricia and her new Husband Exodo got baptized, I baptized Patricia and my comp baptized Exodo. Their testimonies are so strong and I know they’re going to be strong members in the church; I have so much love for them. I’ve watched them grow so much spiritually it’s admirable and I can’t wait to see that change in the lives of others. I felt the spirit so strong Sunday too when they were confirmed. Today (Monday) we had a mission wide Christmas party here in Managua! All the zones expect Puerto Cabeza cause they’d have to fly to get here. It was awesome to see all the people I came here with! They had some decent food too but it was nice being in the Hilton! With Air conditioning haha. Love you Guys!! Can’t wait to talk next week! Oh and vie got another baptism this Saturday too! The work is going! :)

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