Sunday, January 25, 2015

I’m an 8th of the way back! But I’m hoping that the time slows down some cause every day is better! I did however have some bad days this week, fever over 100, sick and I woke up in the night shaking like a person in a freezer would. But the mission nurse is awesome and got me back to health with lotss of Tylenol! But this week was exhausting to me cause I was sick, but there’s always work to be done. We still have that super positive family who will hopefully be getting baptized next week! Not many interesting things happened this week. There’s a circus that was put up in our area that is pretty cool. We had transfers this week, 13 in my zone so everyone got changed... except my comp and I! We’re the only white companionship in the zone, Chele Power jaja. But yeah! I’ll have better things next week! I wish all of yall could experience Nicaragua!

Just forgot, last year, 2014, this mission had 2014 baptisms, awesome right? Seeing people come unto Christ literally best thing every. Oh if you know any good music download it and email it me! Please, take care!

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