Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well this week, we found some Escogidos. We were teaching a lady who doesn’t seem too positive now, and a lady and her daughter (the lady was the investigators cousin) and we invite them to come into the lesson and we talked mainly about how this church is the only church that has the authority to act in the name of Jesus Christ to perform ordinances and she really enjoyed it and the spirit was felt so much. We told them to pray about the church to know if it’s true and they said they did the next day and they said they felt a warm comforting spirit which we explained was the Holy Ghost. We started to talk to the lady more and more and we invited them to church. (Our church is different now and starts at 8, but sacrament starts at 10) and we invite her only to sacrament meeting. and me and my comp this past Sunday were waiting for her at 1025 still in the lobby outside of the sacrament room and I was starting to get worried that they couldn’t come and so I say a prayer and had a great feeling of comfort and a minute or 2 later we see them walking up the street and man was I happy to see them keeping their commitment by coming to church, from our mission leaders here we’ve learned that if the investigator comes to church and keeps the commitment, then they’re truly progressing and knowing that the church is true. So after sacrament meeting we take them on a tour of the church and they said they were gonna keep coming, and hopefully this week my comp and I are going to put a baptismal date with them if we are prompted. Also today we had a special pday with 2 other zones and the President! We went to a volcano and a cave in Meseya! It was in the South Mission so it was pretty cool to do a little traveling; it was really awesome there though! The volcano was pretty big but came from Florida so really anything that’s coming up from the ground has the potential to be a ¨mountain¨ haha. I wish I could send pictures but my computer is being dumb. So next week be prepared for some awesome pictures!! But other than that nothing much happened, same old contacting and teaching every day! Spanish is better too! Love yall!

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