Monday, December 15, 2014

First week in the field! Crazy how MTC time flew bye. The field is awesome out here in Nicaragua! I’m in Managua and I’m in Beo Horizonte Zone, in the Ruben Dario 1 area. I love it and the people in it! I have an awesome trainer named Elder Le Seur! He’s been here for about 6 months and already training! But he’s an awesome trainer! He’s from Arizona. Anyway though it’s Hot here! Always sweating, and if you’re not sweating, you better drink water cause something’s wrong, jk but forreal it’s pretty hot here. I’m the only newbie in my Zone so it’s a little weird not knowing anyone. Our area consists of a few houses and tons of metal hut houses. It’s pretty sad. Makes me remember how good we had it in America and to not take it for granted. Things here are reallllly cheap too. Which is kinda good cause were living on a missionary budget right haha? We’re always busy either at appointments or walking to appointments. Alot of people aren’t at their house too when were supposed to meet too, so we do a lot of contacting and tracting. They don’t have addressed here so we go off of landmarks haha. I tried to take a few pictures this week but it wasn’t much! In our area there are not many roads... but a lot of dirt roads willed with waste and other weird smelling things. So I have one set of shoes set aside for walking and the other pair for when I meet with the president. So my shoes are really brown and don’t look black haha. But living conditions are pretty tough but apparently I have one of the best houses in the mission. Food is pretty good here from members. Rice and beans at all meals and a lot of it and a lot of rçfresco too which is like natural fruit juices which is pretty good too! Well I have to go! Don’t have long, but I hope everyone has a great week! Love yall! Nicaragua is an awesome place to be, as dad would say, "It builds Character" haha. I’ll try to write more next week! Oh and we have 2 baptisms this Saturday! And a wedding, and also a baptism next week! The Lords work is rapidly hastening here in Nicaragua!

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